Essential factors that create an effective e-commerce site

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Essential factors that create an effective e-commerce site

Essential factors that create an effective e-commerce site

Creating an effective e-commerce site doesn’t have to be difficult, but it does have to take into consideration two very important aspects of user experience:

1) Speed

2) Performance

Both of the above are essential factors that help to create an effective e-commerce site for your customers to enjoy.


The benefits of refining website speed and performance

Search engine optimisation benefits from faster, better performing web pages, therefore you should receive more traffic as Google registers your site as able to get customers to the final destination (a purchase) faster

People who like to buy online will love the simplicity of your purchase process and ease of transaction. This will leave them with nothing but a positive experience with your businesses, meaning they will come back again and again

If you upgrade your website speed and performance effectively, you will see an increase in inbound custom which could take your business to the rate of growth that you’ve been looking for

Build your reputation as a reliable online purchase option by refining speed and performance. The better your online reputation gets, the more your offline reputation will also benefit – You will never get tired of hearing the satisfied reviews

You will see a decrease in page abandonment as less customers will drop off your website due to poor web performance


How quickly should a web page load?

53% of mobile site visits are abandoned if pages take longer than 3 seconds to load – Hobo

According to, a one second delay in page load time results in:

  • 11% fewer page views
  • 16% decrease in customer satisfaction
  • 7% loss in conversions

Evidence suggests that if your web pages take longer than four seconds to load, there is another dramatic increase in page abandonment. Check to see if your website speed is helping or hindering your business here

This is important if you want to create an effective e-commerce site because a good web page load speed helps the site to rank, whereas a bad web page load speed can penalize your site.

Using an experienced e-commerce professional ensures that you tackle web page load speed to create the best purchase experience possible for your customers.


Ways to increase website speed

There are many ways that you can reduce the loading time of your web pages and improve user experience to gain some extra customers . Some of which are quite technical so please ask if you require further details.

Ways to increase website speed and peformance:

  • Choosing the best server architecture according to your shop size and traffic
  • Code optimisation
  • HTTP request minimisation
  • Redirect reduction
  • Compression enabling
  • Enable browser caching
  • Minify resources
  • Optimise images
  • Reduction of server response time
  • Optimisation of CSS delivery
  • Prioritisation of above the fold content





Essential factors that create an effective e-commerce site
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Essential factors that create an effective e-commerce site
Create an effective e-commerce site by improving user experience and refining page speed to give customers easy access to your fantastic product or service.
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