Magento Development

Do you want to start an ecommerce business? Or perhaps you want to upgrade your current ecommerce solution to Magento?


I have a proven track record in planning, developing and successfully launching technically challenging ecommerce websites using Magento.

I will work with your team to create a detailed project specification that in time will be filtered into a sprint led development process. I produce a high quality implementation plan that is indispensable basic requirement for a successful project.

Whether you need Magento website development from scratch or want to customize an existing online store, I offer expert assistance to make your solution pay off. Starting out from the out-of-the-box functionality and empowering it with advances on the way, I fully achieve the vision and goals set at the stage of business analysis.

There is never the right time for bugs. But having me standing behind your ecommerce business, you can count on prompt and professional remedy. Monitoring the health of your Magento website closely.




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  • Cluj-Napoca, Romania