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E-Commerce Solutions with a Magento certified developer and consultant

Find a solution for all of your e-commerce needs with an experienced Magento certified consultant.

Discover a trust worthy e-commerce contractor with technical skill and a refreshingly jargon free approach. By using a Magento certified developer you can access fantastic opportunities for your business including:

  • Magento ecommerce shop development
  • Professional website customisation
  • Integrate third party solutions (ERP & CRM)
  • Custom extension development
  • Performance optimisation

What to expect when you work with a Magento certified consultant

You can always expect timely, well communicated e-commerce solutions from my consultancy.

I pride myself on building a strong understanding of customers so that we can work together to help their business flourish through the use of a certified consultant and an excellent e-commerce strategy.

All code provided and development that follows will be tailored to your business and it’s e-commerce needs. Continued customer support is available to you to ensure smooth integration, clean coding and respect for the best coding practices


Why choose a Magento certified consultant?

Choosing a Magento certified consultant to provide your e-commerce solutions gains you access to a professional that can yield the open source technology that can improve your online user experience and increase the effectiveness of your website. Magento certified consultants can create fully customisable online shopping experiences


As a Magento certified consultant with experience in engaging with enterprise level businesses and previous experience in a Magento business partner company, I am confident that together, we can create the perfect e-commerce strategy to suit all of your commercial needs.








: 06-08-1993

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: www.szegediszilard.com

: Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Szegedi Szilard


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